Bespoke Screens

Screen Sentry provides a 100% bespoke screen manufacturing service.

Not every office, workspace or shop is the same and that is why we offer a custom design service which allows us to produce safety screen and desk divider solutions that meet your requirements.

Our screen extension kits provide a clear barrier on top of your existing office desk partitions to make your office compliant with current UK Government guidelines for social distancing in the workplace.

Shop Counter & Point of Sale Screens

Our clear acrylic screens for counters and desks protect employees interacting with your customers while not limiting visibility for both sides. Screens can be designed to easily fit your shop counter top, checkout or enquiry desk without causing damage to your shop furniture.

Screens for Pubs, Restaurants & Cafes

We can easily manufacture table top screens for use in food outlets. Using safety screens allows your customers to relax safe in the knowledge that they being protected.

Our screen solutions are easy to install and clean without any specialist equipment. All screen are compliant with all current safety regulations and guidelines.

Hygienic Screens for Food Preparation Areas & Kitchens

We can provide lightweight, portable and stable screens for placing on counters and countertops for use in kitchen and food preparation areas. Ideal for both large commercial operations and restaurant kitchens.

Reception Desk Safety Screens

We can provide bespoke screens to protect your reception staff. Screens can have pass-through holes to allows employees and staff to exchange cash, key cards and documents.

Ideal for waiting rooms, reception areas, health centres, shopping malls, schools, banks, restaurants and offices.

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