Frequently Asked Questions

Polycarbonate is strongest, followed by PETG/PET, impact modified acrylic sheet, then general-purpose acrylic sheet.
We aim to despatch your order asap as possible. You will be informed by email when your order has been shipped.
Cleaning acrylic is best done with soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth. Your choice of cloth is very important, and we recommend you only use a soft cotton cloth. Other types of cloth may cause scratches. We do not recommend the use of cleaning agents such as white spirit and glass cleaners as these do not dissolve sold dirt particles (such as sand and dust). These particles are swept over the surface when the cloth moves back and forth causing scratches. Always use a generous amount of water with a drop of detergent as this will thoroughly wash away the solid dirt. Make sure you rinse the cloth regularly as the fine fibres of the cloth can also hold in the dirt particles. Whether you opt for hot, soapy water or an acrylic cleaner, be gentle and only use light pressure as you wipe. Too much pressure can cause scratching. Use a dry soft cloth to dry off the acrylic.
Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight, shatter resistant and is ideal for desk screens and dividers.
Our cast acrylic desk screens and dividers have a class 3 fire rating. Please contact us for more information.
No, if fitted correctly, your screens will not damage your existing desks or screens.
We can easily arrange for our products to be shipped abroad. Please contact us for more information.